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DMC / Meeting Planning

Activities and Excursions

Any agenda’s effectiveness can be increased with the right balance of work and diversion. On-site activities or off-site excursions can be tailored to work within your conference agenda: time, budget and goals. Working with your vision and goals, Big Top will utilize our experience and local relationships to partner with you to create a high-impact and effective addition to the conference agenda.

Our Clients Say…

Missy is one of the finest managers in the events business...period. I have worked with her for over 10 years on many different events and she never failed to deliver way more than the customer could even dream of. She is detail oriented and goes about her work meticulously, making sure that even the smallest things are perfect. I also know that she is personable and the clients adore her, and that's a real gift too. She genuinely loves what she does and it shows. I have a world of respect and affection for Missy and anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her will never be disappointed.

- Trish F.